Monday, February 9, 2009

17ChessClub Players Start Winning in Chess Tournament

Cikgu MIZI



17ChessClub members are starting to win medals in local chess tournaments. In the recent Kelang Chess Open, three of its members won prizes. (For the other tournaments can check at their club chess blog here.) The first one is D4 SAM Capablanca, one of GiLoCatur's favourite chess world champions, and the second one is Syed aka YEDMAN Topalov. The third one is Cikgu MIZI. Congrats to all three of them. Keep it up guys! GiLoCatur met with one of the 17ChessClub members, SAHIR Botvinnik in Round 4. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, GiloCatur for posting the news about our 17chessclub members.Keep up the good work...d4sam