Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chess Rating of GiLoCatur's Children

For a chess player, chess rating is quite important. For non-chess player, he or she may not know what it is. 

What is a chess rating?

A chess rating is a rating system used in chess to calculate an estimate of the strength of the player, based on his or her performance versus other players.

For a Malaysian chess player, there are two chess rating systems. First is FIDE rating. Second is the National (MCF) Rating. 

How to get the rating?

For FIDE rating, you need to participate in a FIDE-rated chess tournament. You will get your FIDE rating ID in your first FIDE-rated chess tournament. Will you straight away get the FIDE rating? The answer is not necessarily. You need to play against FIDE-rated opponents and score some minimum points. 

For National Rating, you will get one after you have participated in your first nationally-rated chess tournament. And it will be updated accordingly whenever you have taken part in nationally-rated events. The national rating will be calculated and updated every three months or quarterly.

How to check your Malaysian national rating?

One way is to check it at the Malaysian Chess Rating Page. Just make sure that the Page is regularly updated.

the URL - http://myrating.catur.org/index.php

Let's take a look at the national rating of GiLoCatur's children.

Fikri - GACC 2016


In Jan2010, Fikri's national rating is 1405. He was 14 years old then. His latest rating is 1757. He broke into 1700-rating in Apr2011. But the rating was down into 1600 range in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Since Jan2015, Fikri's rating has jumped to mid 1700.

Fikri's national rating progress chart

Anis in NAG 2016

Anis Fariha

In Jan2010, Anis had national rating of 1301. She was in her final year of elementary school. In both 2011 and 2012, basically Anis was in the 1500-rating. But it dropped to 1400-rating in 2013 and 2014. Anis was sitting PMR exam in 2013. That is the main reason for this drop which GiLoCatur could think of. During the two years, Anis had played less chess tournaments especially the nationally-rated ones. Starting 2015, Anis' rating has jumped back into 1500. Hopefully, it will climb further to 1600 in the final two quarters of 2016.

Anis' national rating progress chart

Fahim in UiTM Chess Open 2016

Fahim Al-Faqeh

Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest child, was eight years old in Jan2010. He was still unrated during that time. His first national rating was earned in Apr2011. His rating was 1117. Fahim broke into 1600 in Jul2014. Fahim has yet reach the 1700-rating. GiLoCatur hopes he will join his elder brother in the 1700-rating in the near future.

Fahim's national rating progress chart

How about GiLoCatur's national rating?

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