Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update On 4th DATCC KL Open Team Chess Championship

DATCC KL Open Team Chess Championship is underway. It is a FIDE-rated tournament organized by Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center or simply known among the Malaysian chess community as DATCC. For its fourth edition, twelve (12) teams are participating in the nine rounds of 90 minutes + 30 seconds tournament held once a week.

Neither GiLoCatur nor the kids participate in the event. Maybe in the next edition, GiLoCatur's eldest son can participate.

The fourth round was held last night. Below is the results.

R4 Results
At the top two tables, Najib's Rojak Team lives up to its top seeding by defeating Too Less Ordinary, the fourth seed. Both Sumant and Wai Cheng drew against their higher-rated opponents. Both Li Tian and Cheok Fung won their respective games to make it 3 to 1.

As expected, IM Mas of Kelantan Chess Team won his match against the first board player of Seahorse PETRONAS. Even though their respective opponents are about 500 Elo ratings higher, both Farhan and Zulhairi of the latter team managed to get a draw. But Ezmi Mahmood, the Kelantan Chess Team's last board player won the crucial point to make it Kelantan Chess Team 3, Seahorse PETRONAS 1.

Of the two well-known Malaysian chess clubs and rivalry, Nusa Mahkota Chess Club and 17 Chess Club, the former is much too strong to handle by the latter. The latter just managed to get half point via its fourth board player, Syazrin.

For the other results, please check the above.

So, how is the ranking so far?

The ranking after R4

Najib's Rojak Team is leading right now even though its R4 opponent, Too Less Ordinary, has the same points. The Kelantan Chess Team is third trailing half point even though it records 3 wins and 1 draw similar to the leading team. Six other teams has 1 win while only two has not recorded a single win yet after Round 4.

So, who is playing who in the next round? Check out below R5 pairings.

R5 pairings

The top table match is very crucial for both Kelantan Chess Team (KCT) and Too Less Ordinary (TLO). GiLoCatur believes their top players - IM Mas and Ian Udani, will not be rested. Can Nusa Mahkota Chess Club (NMCC) stop Najib's Rojak Team (NRT)? GiLoCatur strongly believes that both KCT and TLO are hoping that NMCC will do them a favour. A draw of 2-2 score will be a happy news to them. Can Swordfish have its first win in their "PETRONAS brotherly" match over Seahorse? Can BERNAMA Chess Team also have its first win over the Seniors of DATCC Seniors Team? Can Saprin inspire his young boys of Carikomputer Dot Com to win against the Renegade Chess Team? We have to wait, haven't we?

Let's go to the DATCC on next week's Tuesday night if you have free time. Let us the spectators provide the pressure to push them to the limit. What do you say?  

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