Sunday, November 27, 2011

Asian Amateur Open Update - Haslindah And Kin Keuw Joined The Perfect 3/3 Scorer List

GiLoCatur and family just got back home from kampung after a busy weekend having a wedding ceremony of sister in-law.

We would have a short break before having another family program.

Immediately after arriving home, GiLoCatur went online to GiLoCatur would like to know the results of the on-going Asian Amateur Open which Malaysia is hosting. Apparently, 110 chess players from eight different countries are participating. The majority is from Malaysia with 77 number of participants followed by United Arab Emirates or UAE (15) and Singapore (10).

Three rounds had completed. The fourth round is under way while GiLoCatur is writing this entry. The results are interesting and unpredictable. The top three seeds are not among the top 5 tables. In GiLoCatur's eyes, Haslindah Roslan, Chek Kin Keuw and Mohd Ezmi Mahmood recorded the most interesting results. With Elo ratings of 1658, Haslindah managed to win against higher-rated opponents - Bernard Ng (rated 1999) and Shrestha Rajendra Prasad (rated at 2040), in the second and third round respectively. She is among the perfect 3/3 scorers.

Having national ratings of 1641 and no FIDE ratings, like Haslindah, Kin Keuw won all his rounds so far. In the first round, he beat Mooi Kok Onn Osric who has 1900s Elo ratings. Then, he won against Syazwan Zulkifli (1993) in the second round. Then, in the third round, Amri Ibni Hajar who is rated at 2010 became his next victim.

Kelantan-born Mohd Ezmi Mahmood  

Still without FIDE ratings, Mohd Ezmi upset Chan Mun Fye in the first round. Then he defeated Malaysian veteran chess player, Lim Kian Hwa in the second round. Ezmi's sterling performance ended when he played Mohd Nabil in the third round.

In the first round, about eight unrated players beat their rated opponents. Besides the opponents of the above three players, both Roshan Ajeet and Fairul Yusoff were among the unlucky rated players to be defeated. The former was beaten by Foo Che Kin while the latter went down to 13-year-old Harleiff Hanif.

In the second round, three unrated players won over their rated opponents. Both Chuah Yi Ning and Kelly Lim Pei Ying joined Chek Kin Kuew to win over their respective opponents. While in the third round, six rated players went down to their respective opponents who have no FIDE ratings yet. In this round also, Ahmad Fadzil Nayan, the 12th seed, defeated his first seed opponent.

Would it be more surprises in the tournament? Just wait and see. Best of luck to all Asian Amateur Open participants!

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