Sunday, November 13, 2011

3rd Ole Ole Chess Championship - Open Category

Saturday, 12th November 2011

GiLoCatur was among the eighty (80) participants in the 3rd Ole Ole Shah Alam Chess Championship held today at the Ole Ole Shah Alam Shopping complex. Some participants came all the way from Pahang, Kelantan and Johor to have fun playing chess in the tournament. Check out the photos below to see the faces of the participants during the tournament.

photo 1 - "long time no see" chess buddy (green shirt), AKMAL SALLEH

In the final round, Akmal was playing on the second board against the 1st edition champion, NM Zarul Syazwan Zullkafli. Not bad, scoring 5/7 points for a player with 1541 MCF ratings and seldom participate in local chess tournament.

photo 2 - Nik Mohd Nazri

GiLoCatur was told that Nik Nazri came by bus all the way from Kelantan. He is a school teacher there.

photo 3

photo 4 - Haji Salim Maarof (wearing ketayap)

GiLoCatur played Haji Salim, a 70+ years old veteran from Temerloh Pahang, more than three years ago in the Temerloh Open. GiLoCatur salutes his passion in playing chess. 

photo 5 - the top boards

photo 6 - Two masters (FIDE title player) in the tourney, IM Mas and FM Johan

photo 7 - Ezmi and WNM Nisaa against their opponents

photo 8 - "Abang BRO"

photo 9 - Tournament Director, Abdul Haq, and YB Khalid Samad

The Shah Alam Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Khalid Samad is the guest of honour giving the prizes to all the winners. During his speech, he encourages the participants especially the youngsters to keep playing chess and gives his support for the chess community especially to IM Mas in his pursue of the Grandmastership. Go to the MP's website here to know more about him.

photo 10 - the Open category winners with the MP

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