Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another "PUTERI Catur" In The Making!

Another chess PUTERI or princess in the making?

Who would that be?

Below PUTERI is a well-known Malaysian chess player already. Last month, she won one GOLD and one SILVER for Malaysia in the 5th APSSO held in Jakarta. She is PUTERI RIFQAH FAHADA AZHAR MS.

the first Puteri 

Below PUTERI is also a popular Malaysian chess player. She is the younger sister of Puteri Rifqah. Among her achievements is winning for her country, THREE Golds and TWO Silvers in Girls Under 10 category of the 12th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championship last June. Click here for further story. She is PUTERI MUNAJJAH AZ-ZAHRAA AZHAR MS.

the second Puteri

The new PUTERI in the making is below four-years-old girl named PUTERI RABIATUL ADAWIYAH MAT ZAKI.

the new Puteri

Puteri Rabiatul has been chosen to represent Malaysia in the 7th Asian Schools Chess Championship to be held in India in this coming December in Girls Under 5 category. BUT SHE CAN'T PARTICIPATE IF HER PARENTS ARE UNABLE TO RAISE NINE THOUSANDS MALAYSIAN RINGGIT FOR THE EXPENSE. 

It is a hard reality for a Malaysian chess player. Chess is NOT a popular sport like football, tennis or badminton. The fund and sponsorship for travelling and lodging expense for international competition is difficult to get. 

For those who are interested to sponsor her to fulfil her dream, please call 012-3415030. Her plight is covered in the Malay Mail here.

P/S: Actually, there is another Puteri that would enlighten the Malaysian chess in years to come. She was just born several days ago, on 1.11.11 to be exact. Congratulation to Azhar MS and her wife for their newborn baby girl, Puteri Dalisya Delisya Zhansaya (the last one sound familiar eh ... :) ).

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