Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Mineral Water Do You Drink During Chess Tournament?

It is a very common view that a bottle of mineral water will be beside chess players during our local chess tournaments. It is either brought or bought by the players themselves or provided by the tournament organizer. For GiLoCatur and family, we bring Elken RO water from home. Actually, there are many kinds of mineral water in Malaysia. Below are some of them.

(GiLoCatur : Chess players or participants should not put the drinking water bottles on the table during chess tournaments. The bottles should be placed under the table or chair. Let's practice good culture, etiquette and habit during our local chess tournaments.)

Besides the above brands, GiLoCatur likes EVIAN mineral water. GiLoCatur first drank it while in Paris several years ago. GiLoCatur can't afford to drink EVIAN regularly since it is not that cheap. A bottle of 500 ml priced at about RM5 to RM6 (~ 2 US Dollars). GiLoCatur thought EVIAN, from the French Alps, is the most expensive mineral water. It is not.

Do you know what is the most expensive mineral water in the world? The answer is KONA NIGARI which costs more than RM1,500 per liter. In fact, in one website, one gallon of KONA NIGARI is sold at USD 2,144. Why it is so special? The Kona Nigari water is reported to be a desalinated water high in minerals found 2,000 feet down off the coast of Hawaii.


So, which mineral water brand is your favourite choice? Dare to try the most expensive mineral water in the world?

For GiLoCatur, the most favourite water is always ZAM ZAM water. :)

How GiLoCatur found out about this water? From Mr LePAK's blog.


plumbing said...

During Chess Tournament,you must have mineral water on hand. Based on study, safe drinking water lessen nervous.

Garage Equipment said...

We have to be very careful in drinking water. There are many contaminated water out there that might affect your health.