Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Impressive World Juniors And Girls U20 Chess Championship That We Can Learn From

GiLoCatur is not sure whether most Malaysian chess juniors are following the recently concluded World Junior and Girls U-20 Chess Championship that was held in a village named Chotowa in Poland. The championship attracts GiLoCatur for several reasons where we the Malaysian chess community can learn from it.

  1. The championship website is so nice and full of related info
  2. The pgn of all games in the championship are available to be viewed or downloaded. GiLoCatur wonders how they could key in all of them so quick and publish it fast. Our Malaysian chess juniors should take the advantage to study and learn the games.
  3. The past records and history are complete and published in the website, even can be downloaded.
  4. All the pairings and results are available immediately.
  5. Even the score card for each participant or player is available. In that way, each participant can access his or her record and save or print them.
  6. The bulletins are also available almost immediately and can be downloaded. Actually, these can be created quickly and easily once all the games are keyed in.


Dmitry Anderikin (Russia) won the Juniors section with 10/13 points
(photo from

Anna Muzychuk (Slovenia) won the Girls section with 11/13 points
(photo from

GiLoCatur wishes :

  1. We, the Malaysian chess community, should have such website and learn how to have one like that.
  2. Malaysia should send our top juniors to participate in the championship. It is a world class chess tournament needed by our junior players for exposure and experience. It is part of chess development program.
  3. Our Malaysian chess juniors download the pgn of the championship and study them thoroughly especially as the preparation to participate in international and world-level chess championships.



svguna jb said...

YES. GiLoCatur....300% true and agree.Thats is why im all out to send my son for the World Junior Championship. Not to say he will be champion but for the valuable experience n exposure.Thank god, i manage to get thru the ordeal...

Anonymous said...

The games do not need to be keyed in. They are using DGT board which can capture the moves and save it to PGN. Or so i think.

GiLoCatur said...

Guna, good that ur problem is settle. just focus on the preparation. make our country proud. wish both of u n ur son good luck!

Anon, tq for the info. yep, u r absolutely rite. i checked with the organizer already. so,meaning that DGT boards are essential in big chess tourneys ... to have immediate PGN