Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Birthday Weekend for GiLoCatur's Family To Cherish

It was another hectic weekend few days ago for GiLoCatur and family. A birthday weekend actually. Whose birthday was it? Read on to find out ...

On Saturday, GiLoCatur's wife was busy at her school for a "Kem Ibadah" program from morning until late at night. The program was for all the Year 6 pupils of the primary school of SK Bukit Jelutong (SKBJ) including Anis Fariha, our only daughter.

At the same school, GiLoCatur was busy at the school's closed chess competition watching over Fahim, the youngest son, participating. In the chess competition, about 80 SKBJ pupils from pre-school until Year 5, were participating in two different categories - "Tahap 1" for pre-schoolers to Year 3 and "Tahap 2" for Year 4 and Year 5. One of the objectives of the competition is to identify and select the players to represent the school in the district chess tournament next year. Alhamdulillah, Fahim managed to score 6/7 points to earn the first runner up place in Tahap 1 category. Click here for further report of the tournament. The seven-round-G/25 chess tournament ended at about 3.00 something in the afternoon.

Before going back home, GiLoCatur stopped a while to check on the program that Anis was attending and GiLoCatur's wife and her colleagues were organizing.

A funny incident happened on the Saturday night. GiLoCatur and family were locked out from our home. Who would you call for help when the midnight was near and you could not get into the house? The house key was left inside. After asking around for the tool to hack the padlock, finally GiLoCatur called 999, the Malaysian emergency number. GiLoCatur made the call while hushly driving home from Antara Gapi, Serendah where GiLoCatur's 80-year-old mom, Hajjah Rahmah Kasid, is staying with GiLoCatur's younger sister, Nurul Huda. After about 10 minutes later, a group of firemen came and cut the padlock using a big cutter. Fortunately for GiLoCatur since their service is free of charge. :)

Sunday, 1st August. This day is special for GiLoCatur's family. It is the birthday of GiLoCatur's wife, Nor Azizah. All the family, except Fikri who is at hostel, went to the wet market in Section 6. After buying the supply of chicken, fish and some vegetables, we had breakfast at the market.

On the way going back home, we stopped by at the Giant hypermarket. We had to buy some items for Fikri. Reaching home at around 11.00 am, GiloCatur's wife was busy at the kitchen cooking and preparing the lunch dishes for us with Fikri later. All the four of us hit the road again heading towards Section 18, Shah Alam to visit Fikri. We were with Fikri for a couple of hours.

Did we go straight home after that? Nope. Where was our next destination? PNM or the national library in Jalan Tun Razak. The purpose? To return the borrowed books which the deadline was on that day. It was about 5.00pm already when we arrived at the library. SOGO on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman was our next and final destination.

What a jam in its car park. So, many cars and so many people going to SOGO. It was because there is a SALE! After praying Asar, we started our shopping spree at the famous and prestigious shopping complex. GiLoCatur shopped a birthday present for wife, Azizah, and she also shopped a belated birthday present for GiLoCatur. Furthermore, we also shopped for Hari Raya. Yes, you read it right. Even though, the fasting month of Ramadhan is yet to come, we have early Raya shopping to avoid shopping in the Ramadhan month while fasting.

We finished shopping at around 8.00 pm. Our tummy was hungry already. GiLoCatur decided to have dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market to celebrate GiLoCatur's wife birthday on 1st August. Actually, it coincides with the anniversary of ERA radio. While waiting for the food, we went for the Maghrib prayer take turn.

Fahim and Anis in front of the restaurant

Food #1

Food #2

Not bad. The food tastes good and delicious. It was not a bad decision to eat at the Manhattan Fish Market, for the first time actually for GiLoCatur and family.

Food #3


(sape yang terlebih happy ni? Sape yang celebrate birthday ni? hehehe ...)

Then we went straight home after having the birthday dinner. We reached home at around 10 o'clock at night. What a day and a weekend!

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