Friday, December 4, 2009

Yeoh Li Tian Beats a Chinese WFM in Beijing

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It is a great news to Malaysian chess when one of its chess prodigies, Yeoh Li Tian, is making a history when beating a much much higher-rated and titled player while currently having a 6-week training stint in Beijing, China.

Below is his winning game against a Chinese Woman Fide Master. Thank you to Encik Hamid for sending GiLoCatur the info and game.

Game 7 Yeoh Li Tian - WFM Ding Yixin (2317) 1-0

1 e4 c5,2 c3 d5,3 ed5 Qd5,4 d4 Nf6,5 Nf3 Bg4,6 Be2 e6,7 h3 Bh5,8 0-0 Nc6, 9 Be3 cd4,10 cd4 Be7,11 Nc3 Qa5,12 Qb3 Qb4,13 Qb4 Bb4,14 Rac1 0-0,15 Rfd1 Rfd8,16 g4 Bg6,17 Ne5 Ne5,18 ed5 Rd1, 19 Rd1 Bc3,20 bc3 Nd5,21 Bd4 Nf4,22 Bf1 h5,23 f3 a6,24 Kf2 Rc8,25 Rd2 Rc7,26 a3 Rd7,27 Kg3 Nd5,28 Bf2 Kf8,29 c4 Nb6,30 Rd7 Nd7,31 Bd4 Ke7,32 Kf2 hg4,33 hg4 Kd8,34 Ke3 Ke7,35 Bc3 Bc2,36 f4 Bd1,37 Bh3 Nb6,38 Kd3 Kd7,39 Ba5 Na4,40 Bb4 Bf3,41 f5 Nb2,42 Ke3 Bd1,43 Kd2 Ba4,44 Bf1 Bc6,45 f6 g6, 46 Kc2 Na4,47 Bd3 b6??,48 Bg6 Ke8,49 Bh7 Bf3,50 g5 a5,51 Bd6 Nc5,52 Kb2 Be2,53 Kc3 Kd8, 54 Kd4 Ke8,55 Be7 Resigns

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