Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singapore Chess Festival - Commonwealth Open

Just got home from GiLoCatur's hometown. Quickly access the internet to check on the Singapore Chess Festival results. Some interesting results.

IM Mas succumbed to a defeat to the top seed, an Indian IM named Ashwin Jayaram. Meanwhile his two other compatriots - IM Yee Weng and NM Edward Lee, drew their games.

In the 7th round, IM Mas drew with IM Gokhale Chandrashekhar of India whose ratings is nearly 200 below him. GiLoCatur believes IM Mas is not happy with the result. Edward, on the other hand, had a superb win against the 2nd seed, IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy of India whose ratings is more than 300 ELO than him. IM Yee Weng could only manage to draw against a Singaporean FideMaster.

So, some upset results do happen. In the next round, IM Mas became another victim. He was upset by the young Singaporean FM Howard Fernandez. Edward drew with his Aussie opponent while Yee Weng won his game.

Going to the ninth round, both IM Yee Weng and NM Edward Lee has 4.5/8 points each. Meanwhile, IM Mas just managed to score 4/8 points.

IM Paciencia Enrique of Singapore is the champion before the last round is played. It is because his score of 7/8 is unassailable by other players. He is in front by 1.5 points.

Unfortunately, IM Yee Weng will meet the champion in the last round at the top table. Could he win? Let's wait and see. Edward will play against Singaporean FM while IM Mas will play black against Indian IM, Phadke Sohan.

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