Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skudai Giant Open - The Results (Open Section)

The winners of the recent Skudai Giant Chess Open. TAHNIAH!

Champion - Noorullah Omar
2nd - Abdullah Che Hassan
3rd - Marzuki Yaacob
4th - Salman Mistam
5th - Herman Rahman
6th - Mohd Yusof Yasnain
7th - Greg Koh Chee Peng
8th - Lim Lai Kun
9th - Shamri
10th - Boo Zhan Quan

(GiLoCatur : The 6th & 7th winners has been corrected. TQ for pointing out! Wed 9/12/2009)


Anonymous said...

No. 6 & No. 7 tertukar. Yusof is 6th place and Greg is 7th place. :)

GiLoCatur said...

The mistake has been corrected. TQ for pointing out.