Saturday, October 24, 2009

UPSI Chess Open - 1

GiLoCatur and family drove off to Tanjung Malim at about 10 minutes before 8.00 am to participate in UPSI Chess Open. Eventhough, GiLoCatur had pre-registered in the Open category he did not play. Fikri, the eldest son played in the "Sekolah Menengah" or Secondary School category along with Faris, the eldest son of Aminuddin and Cikgu Shima couple. While both Anis Fariha, 11 years old, and Fahim Al-Faqeh, 7 years old, played in the "Sekolah Rendah" or Primary School.

We reached the venue after 45-minute drive. After settling the registration, we went to a nearby mamak restaurant for a breakfast. Both GiLoCatur's sons had rice and fried chicken while GiLoCatur just had "Tosei Telur".

Back to the tournament venue after the breakfast, the organizer was still busy with the registration. The arbiters were busy keying in the players' names. Due to a very good turn out and last minute registrations, the first round pairing could not be ready on time as per scheduled.

Finally, the tournament began at 11.30 am. There are three categories - Open, Secondary School and Primary School.

Leading the Open category is the defending champion, Ian Udani. 102 players participated in the category. There are 51 pairs.

The top three seed :

1) Ian Udani

2) Evan timothy Capel

3) Kamaluddin Yusuf

In Secondary School category, 91 players are participating. Most are from the schools nearby.
The top three seed :

1) Syakir Shazmeer (Nat Rating : 1835)

2) Keok Kain En (Nat Rating : 1660)

3) Amira Syahmina (Nat Rating : 1547)

Fikri , GiLoCatur's son, whose latest national rating is 1417 is seeded 6th.

In the Primary School category, 72 players are participating. Besides players from Perak, the others are from either Selangor or Pulau Pinang. Several MSS state players are among the top seeds.

The top three seed :

1) Muhd Irfan Haqqim (Nat Rating : 1694)

2) Puteri Rifqah (Nat Rating : 1584)

3) Amier Hamzah (Nat Rating : 1431)


rsfati said...

hello! pertandinagn tu pagi tadi kan??

GiLoCatur said...

ya betul ... so, you pun masuk bertanding ye? so macam mana?
setakat 3 round hari ini apa keputusan your games? btw, you masuk kategori mane?