Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chess Tournaments This Weekend

There are two chess tournaments held this weekend. One is Deepavali Rapid Chess Tournament organized by Jax Tham and another is UiTM Dungun Open. GiLoCatur and children are not participating in either of the tournaments.

1) Deepavali Rapid Chess
Format : G/20 (20 minute time control)
System : 10 Rounds Swiss
Venue : OUG Excel Chess Academy

About 48 chess players are participating in the two-day Deepavali Rapid Chess. After Day 1 and 6 rounds completed, Lim Zhou Ren led the pack with the perfect 6 wins. He is followed by Perakian youngster, Mark Siew, who had 5 wins. Can Lim Zhou Ren win all his rounds to be the champion??

2) UiTM Dungun Chess Open
Format : G/45 (45 minute time control)
System : 7 Rounds Swiss
Category : Masters, Open
Venue : Block 8, UiTM Dungun Terengganu

78 chess players of all different ages are participating in the UiTM Dungun Open - 18 of them in Masters category and the other 60 players in Open category. After Round 4 in Day 1 of the tournament, Mohd Khair Wahiddudin (who onced beat GiLoCatur in UPSI Open), led the tournament with 3 wins and a draw. He shared the lead with Ab Khalid Musa. In the fourth round, Khair defeated Ruzenan Abu Bakar who was the only player scored the perfect 3 wins. Whereas Ab Khalid won againts Muhammad Arshad. Can Khair continue his fine performance to win the Masters category of the UiTM Dungun Open. Check out for the latest update.

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Firey_rook said...

Saleh, the latest news on Deepavali Rapid Chess is that Muhd Nabil Azman has won the tournament with 8.5 points over 10 rounds of play. Pls visit my blog for the latest details and photos. Also there is some news about some of our Malaysian students playing in Jakarta and Turkey this November 2009. Also on my blog. :-)