Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the 2nd IIUM Chess Open POSTPONED!

On behalf of the organizer, GiLoCatur would like to announce that the 2nd IIUM Chess Open scheduled on 17th and 18th October will be postponed to 1st November 2009 (Sunday).

 The registration closing date is 29th October 2009. 

The details of the tournament can be viewed here.


Tang said...

Why postpone for few time? I'm thinking that this tournament will be canceled.Is it confirmed that this tournament will be organized on 1st November 2009? Then, there will be only 1 day tournament for 2 categories? Lastly, When is the deadline for the registration?

GiLoCatur said...

FYI, The deadline for the registration is 29th October.

According to the organizer, 1st November is confirmed! But just expect the unexpected. Hopefully, it is final!