Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Know?

GiLoCatur found an interesting statistic from "Kosmo", one of Malaysian daily newspapers today. It's about the number of school children and teachers.

Do we Malaysians know how many schools there are in Malaysia? 

The answer is 9,844 which consist of 7,655 primary schools and 2,189 secondary schools.

How about the number of pupils? 

As of 31st January 2009, there are 3,111,948 elementary pupils and 2,304,976. In total, 5,416,924. Quite a number eh! 

The big question is, can't we have even one chess GrandMaster (GM) or Woman GrandMaster (WGM) out of such number?  

Every year about 300 (24 x 14 states) of them are participating in MSSM chess competition. Hundreds and thounsands are participating in both state and district levels. Do they just participate and play chess just to get certification for their curriculum?

As many may agree, teachers have very important role in nurturing their students to excel in any sports including chess. Do you know how many teachers do we have in this country?

The number of teachers in primary schools :

67,947 (male) + 151,819 (female) = 219,766

The number of teachers in secondary schools :

53,825 (male) + 112,440 (female) = 166,265

So, in total 121,772 (male) + 264,259 (female) = 386,031 teachers.

Is the excellence in sports lacking due to the fact that more female teachers than male? 

Or is it due to more focus and priority to academic results? 

How to make chess be part of our children's life? Most agree that chess is very good and benefitial to them.     

Let's think about it! Let's contribute to the "betterment" of chess among our Malaysian school children.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stats my friend! I have been looking for this info for a long time now. Thank you, this is very useful.

Collin Madhavan

GiLoCatur said...

I am glad that the info is what you have been looking for.