Saturday, September 5, 2009

KLCA Open 2009 - R2 Results & R3 Pairing

Round 2 Results

Both Sergent Ismail and NM Edward Lee managed to win againts their lower-rated opponents respectively. While the other four Malaysian players, Abdul Haq, Najib, Haslindah and Jianwen could not manage to overcome their respective opponents. Li Ting, on the other hand, makes us smile by winning againts her 1900+ rated Bangladeshi opponent. It is a good news in the Malaysian camp. Hopefully, more and more such result will follow suit.

There are several game results that enchant GiLoCatur. A Vietnamese Candidate Master managed to defeat the Indonesian GM. Firman Syah of Indonesia won againts higher-rated Van Huy Nguyen in the battle of CMs on the 10th board. Both WIM Nafisa Muminova and IM Shetty Rahul won againts their respective higher-rated opponents.

Ian Udani drew with his GM opponent. He mentioned in his text to me that he was in winning position but he could not push further during the decisive moment. But still a draw with a GM is still a good result for him.

Round 3 Pairing

Tomorrow, in the third round, both Ismail and Edward Lee will meet higher-rated opponent - CM Van Huy Nguyen and Tolentino Rustum, respectively.

Four Malaysian players will occupy 21st to 24th board. GiLoCatur believes Li Ting, Abdul Haq and Najib have better chance over their respective opponents. Haslindah may require more effort playing againts Indonesian puteri catur of Medina Warda. While Jianwen needs to be cautious when playing Medina's elder sister, Virda.

Anyhow, as usual, BEST OF LUCK to all Malaysian players. Play your heart out! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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