Saturday, September 5, 2009


In order Malaysia to excel in chess, it must have many certified chess trainers and instructors. Do we know how many FIDE-certified trainers and instuctors that Malaysia has? The answer is as per below:

As of today, Malaysia has 16 FIDE-certified trainers and instructors in total. The breakdown is as per below.

FT = FIDE Chess Trainer = 1
FI = FIDE Chess Instructor = 1
NI = the National Chess Instructor = 9
DI = the Development Chess Instructor = 5

Do we also know how many certified arbiters Malaysia have? Interestingly and amazingly, as of today, the number is also 16.

GiLoCatur hopes very much that below statistics of particularly Malaysia will improve and be better in the near future.

As of today,

Phillipines is ranked #34 in the world with avg rating of top 10 players, 2523, has 10 GMs, 25 IMs and 56 total titled.

Vietnam is ranked #38 in the world with avg rating of top 10 players, 2504, has 6 GMs, 5 IMs and 69 total titled.

Indonesia is ranked #59 in the world with avg rating of top 10 players, 2428, has 6 GMs, 12 IMs and 50 total titled.

Singapore is ranked #61 in the world with avg rating of top 10 players, 2415, has 3 GMs, 10 IMs and 47 total titled.

MALAYSIA is ranked #77 in the world with avg rating of top 10 players, 2304, has 0 GMs, 3 IMs and 17 total titled.

So, let's start having more and more certified chess trainers and instructors. I do not think that we Malaysians have much problem to do so. MALAYSIA BOLEH! right?, if a Malaysian can climb mount everest, can swim across the English straits, can reach and explore the antartic and many more, to become a FIDE-certified chess trainer or instructor is a small matter.

If now we have less than 20, let's target to have 30 more to make it 50 in one year time. Chess associations and clubs especially the state should have their program and target for its office bearers or members become FIDE-certified chess trainers or instructors.

Aren't we serious to put chess to greater heights in this country?


Jimmy Liew said...

We have 16 trainers and 16 arbiters. Titled players is 17, what does that tell you??

interested to be IA said...

I have heard that many chess players interested to get the arbiter certificate...but there is a problem because some existing arbiter (sorry, not all arbiter) did not want any increase numbers of IA because afraid 'tak boleh cari makan' how we are going to improve..this is the reality...

GiLoCatur said...

Mr Liew,

What could I think of for the answer of your question - more chess officials than titled players in Malaysia, the trainers are still lacking to produce titled players, and the trainers still under perform?

Perhaps you can share your vast knowledge and experience on what to do for Malaysia to have more titled players esp GMs. As a start you may write them in your blog. And later initiate or participate in bilateral discussions or meetings with appropriate and related agencies.

Regarding the problem and challenge in getting the arbiter cert, isn't there any solution to that? We all need to be open.

By getting more and more people to involve and play chess surely "boleh cari makan" punya. Surely more and more tournaments will require more arbiters. Even I notice that without IA you still can be arbiter in local chess tournaments. So that worry is invalid actually.

But I also agree with you regarding this. Can't we have a pressure group to handle such some existing arbiters? Can't we approach anyone or any relevant authority for such cumbersome issue?

Just a thought! Maybe we can have forums and discussions on many issues and challenges in chess industry.

GiLoCatur said...

O by the way, tq very much for the comments by both of you ...

i strongly believe that both of you want chess to be better and improved in this country as what i also want.