Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ambank Challenge - Pairing & Results

Round 3 - Pairing & Results

On Board 1, veteran Mat Zaki Yeop could not manage to win againts the second seed, Panopio
On Board 2, Mohd Fadli aka Stonemaster unfortunately lose to unrated Lim Samson Jr
On Board 3, another Malaysian veteran Jax Tham won againts Heng Fook Liang

Round 4 - Pairing & Results

On Board 1, Ilhamuddin and Panopio of Philippine drew
On Board 2, Lim won againts Jax Tham
OnBoard 3, Izz Saifuddin won againts Teh Wee Zhun

Round 5 - Pairing
Tuesday, 25th August 2009, 9.00 am (Malaysian time)

On Board 1, Malaysian junior Izz Saifuddin will play white againts the only perfect scorer of 4 points player from Philippine, Lim Samson Jr. His countryman, Panopio Rodolfo Jr, will play white againts his opponent, Cheah Cheok Fung. While both local players, Jax Tham and Ilhamuddin, will play on the third board.

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