Sunday, January 18, 2009

17ChessClub Chess Activity @JAYATI Restaurant

On 16th January 2009, several Malaysian chess lovers gathered at Jayati Restaurant located in Section 17, Shah Alam to have chess games. They began their chess battle at 8.30pm. In USA and UK, it is normal to have chess tournaments at nights. Here we may also consider to have chess tournaments at nights to attract more working Malaysians to participate. Just that working hours should be until 6.00 pm only he he he ... 

Syed Abdul Rahman (red shirt), one of the Klang Chess Open organizers, planning how to attack Sahir (black).

Cg Mizi thinking deeply not to be outsmarted by Zahorin.

Zali Ng6 vs Sahir

Game had not started but Sahir had begun preparing his lines.

Max was being careful of his move.

Thanx to Zali aka Ng6 for emailing GiLoCatur the above pictures. 

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