Friday, January 2, 2009

GiLoCatur's Youngest Son Goes To School

Future Malaysian GM?? Insya Allah!

Fahim among his class mates of 1 BAKAU.

It is year 2009. Year 2008 has gone. For GiLoCatur, 2009 will be more challenging as the eldest kid will start his secondary school education, whereas the youngest kid, the above picture, will start his elementary school. Today is his orientation day. GiLoCatur was at SKBJ to see him entering his class wearing a school uniform and to settle the regisration process . Since his elder brother, Fikri, will leave SKBJ and being the school chess champion, hopefully Fahim will follow Fikri's footstep. With coaching, training and tournament participating, Insya Allah, Fahim will bring more trophies and honors to SKBJ.


More stories and news on the SKBJ Year 1 Orientation Day can be accessed at

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