Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Tournament Update - Day 1

Pairing Round 1

Pairing Round 2

Sibblings Nabil and Najiha were among those who suffered defeat in the first round. Nabil lost to Herman Rahman whereas Najiha lost Muhammad Hafiz. Herman continued his winning streak againts Azman, Nabil's father, in Round 2.

Pairing Round 3

Roslan Sulaiman with whom GiLoCatur had a sparring game on 24th January night and Syed Iskandar were among the perfect scorers i.e. 2 points entering Round 3.

As for GiLocatur family, the results on Day 1 is not impressive. GiLoCatur  and daughter, Anis, lost all the three rounds. GiLoCatur had a very tough fight in Round 3 againts Che Hafiz on last board he he he ... As for GiLoCatur's son, Fikri, only one game won. Staying in a hostel really takes a stroll on him. He got drowsy and headache in the hot climate since the tournament venue has yet have air-condition. Hopefully, on Day 2 with four games to play GiLoCatur's family will get better results. 

GiLoCatur was playing white againts Maisarrah Noor Akbar in Round 1. GiLoCatur was defeated by the girl in the endgame. In chess, age is not a barrier. A young player can outplay an adult player provided he or she has what it takes to do so. GiLoCatur had less than 3 minute while the girl had 30 minutes in one point. It is important to have enough sleep for a chess tournament since GiLoCatur slept late last night. But anyway GiLoCatur still happy with the play because no big blunder made he he he .. 

Roslan Sulaiman, from the same hometown as GiLoCatur, is making a comeback to chess tournament.

Seen Faizal Andin vs Haslindah Ruslan, MCF strong lady, on board 4.

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