Sunday, March 16, 2014

NCC 2014 - Update 3

The critical final round of 2014 Malaysian National Closed chess championship is underway at Level 2 of Wilayah Complex. 

As clearly shown by below Round 8 results, Yit San who played white had the critical win against Ismail Ahmad on the top board. In GiLoCatur's opinion, this match will determine the champion. Playing white too, Sumant keeps his dream of being the champion open. He won against Justin Ong at Table 2.

Round 8 Results, Top 10 Boards/Tables
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Seeded third, Yit San currently leads the pack after Round 8 in the NCC 2014, Men's category. He won all his games except the third round. Trailing half point is Sumant Subramaniam, the sixth seed. Four other players have 6/8 points and another four have 5.5/8 points. GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri, is in another 5/6-point group. Fikri drew his 8th round game against Yit Ho.

Rank after Round 8, Top 20
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Let's study every possibility the final round match ups as per below picture. If Yit San wins, no doubt he will be declared as the champions since the closest rival, Sumant, will only score 7 1/2 points after winning over Masrin. If Yit San draws and Sumant wins, both will have same 7.5/9 points. Who will be the champion? Would there be a play-off? 

If Yit San lose, Sumant will become the champion if he wins. How about if Sumant draws or lose? Three players will have the same point which is 7/9. It can become four or even five depending on Fadzil Nayan and Ismail Ahmad game results at Table #3 and Table #4 respectively. If one of them wins, four players will have 7/9 points. If both of them win, then five players will share the 7/9 points. Wah ... interesting eh!

Is GiLoCatur's analysis here correct? GiLoCatur is not sure. It is a haze out there. GiLoCatur's mind is actually not in the best position.

Final round pairings, Top 15 Boards
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Please go to manned by Gilachess, one of Malaysian "otai" chess bloggers to view the photos and updates on the NCC 2014.

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