Saturday, March 15, 2014

NCC 2014 - Men's Category, Round 7

The Malaysian National Closed Chess Championship (NCC) 2014 is entering its final stage today. Two thirds or six rounds had already completed. GiLoCatur just gets the opportunity to blog about it today. 

Based on below Top 10 Rank after Round 6, Sumant Subramaniam is leading with 5.5/6 points. Three other players are trailing half point with 5/6 points. The top four players are facing each other in the seventh round. On top board, Sumant is challenged by former Police World Champion, Ismail Ahmad. Mark Siew plays black against Yit San.

Can Sumant win the critical 7th round to continue the lead? Can Ismail Ahmad stop Sumant from having full point ?

What the result will be for Mark Siew and Yit San match? Both players represent Perak in this championship.

Let's wait to find out the answers. 

Top 10 after Round 6

Round 7 Pairings
As for GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri, who is among the participants in the Men's category, as of Round 6 he is ranked 22nd with 3.5/6 points. He started the first day with zero win. In the first round he played against the 15th seed, Justin Ong, playing black. In the second round, Bausch Koh who will be representing MSSWP KL in the MSSM chess championship in about two weeks time.

Fikri won his third round game against young Kelantanese player, Mohd Syakir Mohd Zin playing black. He managed to get a victory over the most senior participants (if not mistaken) in the championship, Mr Lim Kian Hwa in the second game on the second day.

The third day is the longest playing rounds for Fikri. In the morning game, he won against another MSSWP KL player, Darrel  Yap. In the afternoon game, Fikri played against 2000-rated opponent from Sabah, Abdul Sahim Wising. GiLoCatur knew that the their match had yet completed by 7.00PM since Fikri had yet called or text GiLoCatur to fetch by that hour. In fact, the match was the last one to finish. Fikri managed to draw the game.

Both Fikri and GiLoCatur know that the next opponent most probably become tougher and tougher. Checking the pairing online last night, the opponent in the 7th round is Francis Tan who had an amazing win in the third round against the second seed. Hopefully, Fikri can produce a good result.

Fikri (white) versus Francis Tan (black) at Table #9

Top Board : Sumant (white) versus Ismail Ahmad (black)

Board 2 : Mark Siew (white, not in picture) versus Yit San (black)

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