Saturday, March 15, 2014

NCC 2014 - Update 2

Now the questions that GiLoCatur posted in earlier entry have been answered. Former World Police champion, Ismail Ahmad, managed to stop Sumant from being the leader in the tournament. While Yit San emerged as the winner for the Mark Siew - Yit San match. In fact, Yit San now becomes the leader having same 6/7 points with Ismail. Both of them are paired against each other in the next 8th round. For sure, the NCC 2014 is becoming more and more interesting and suspense.

Got to go now. The 8th round will start within 5 minute of time. GiLoCatur is still at the restaurant located opposite the Pertama complex and Mara building where GiLoCatur and Fikri had lunch. 

Round 7 results for Top 10 Tables
full results here

Top 20 Rank after Round 7
full ranking here

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