Friday, November 9, 2012

SUKIPT Chess Round 6 Update

GiLoCatur is very impressed with the pairings & results of SUKIPT chess at the It is published before the next round starts. Hopefully, it will be like that until the end.

So, can Siti Nor Raihan overcome the women's top seed, Xin Ting, to continue her perfect winning score? Can Ian Siah stop the men's top seed, Fadzil Nayan from his winning streak? So what are the results of the top boards of both the men's and women's sections?

Let's GiLoCatur answer one by one. 

In the women's section, Siti Nor Raihan of UIA unfortunately could not continue her winning streak. Her opponent, Xin Ting of UPSI, maybe too strong for her to defeat. For sure, she will be heartbroken for this result but she should pull herself back when playing at Board No 3 this afternoon in the 7th round against KBU player, Suet Yuan. The win of Tszee Yeung over Lee Yin of USM for sure makes UPSI's chess coach, Ezmi, proud and happy. He would be double joy happy if another UPSI player, Izza Hasrina, could win over her USM opponent, Choon Yong at Board No 4.

In the men's section, Ian Siah could not stop Fadzil of UIA to win six consecutive games. The latter is one round closer to become the individual Gold winner. Both Syazwan (UM) and Xin Hao (USM) managed to win over their respective lower-rank opponents. At Board No 4, Wan Aizuddin of UPM upsets his higher-seeded opponent. While at Board No 5, Nabil Azman of MMC drew with UMS player, Jeppy Tewelu. Jeppy is not a stranger to GiLoCatur as he was the L18 category MSSM champion in the 2010 edition. Nabil needs to avoid another slip up if he wants to challenge Fadzil for the championship. Their points are 1.5 adrift. Will both of the top two seeds ever meet in this tournament?  Will Fadzil continue his winning streak in the next round when he will be challenged by Xin Hao of USM who is trailing halfpoint? Let's wait to find out.

The SUKIPT chess competition becomes hotter and hotter. Who will emerge as the champions? Who will represent Malaysia in the Kazan's Summer Universiade Games?

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