Thursday, November 8, 2012

SUKIPT Chess Round 4 Update

GiLoCatur dropped by today at the Polytechnic of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the venue for 2012 SUKIPT Chess. Round 4 was on-going. GiLoCatur had the chance to greet Ustaz Abdul Rahman, the author of He is one of the arbiters. GiLoCatur believes he is influential and the key person in having the results posted and published at the chess-results early.   

Round 4 - Men's Section

Round 4 - Women's Section

The Women's Section

Below are the Top 4 boards in the women's section.

The top board match between Siew Ting of Taylor's University and Xin Ting of UPSI is among the last two matches to finish in the women's section. GiLoCatur believes whoever win this match might become the champion. At the end, Xin Ting who hails from China wins the battle. In the Round 5 which started 45 minutes ago, she plays white against the 9th seed, Lee Yin of USM who in Round 4 defeated an unrated opponent from IIUM or UIA named Nurwahida Atika at Board No 4. 

Izza Hasrina from UPSI won on time against her USM opponent, Sok Lin at Board No 2. At the 3rd Board, Siti Nor Raihan from UIA who is rated at 1476 plays white against her opponent from UiTM, Putri Nurfariza. Searching GiLoCatur's Blog, Putri was the first runner up in G18 category in the National Age Group (NAG) 2010. She took part in the Beijing Asian Youth Invitational. This 3rd Board battle finally was won by Nor Raihan. The 4th Board battle in the women's section is between Nurwahida Atika of UIA and Lee Yin of USM. The latter won and scored the important one point.

Board 1 - Siew Ting vs Xin Ting (red shirt)

Board 2 - Sok Lin (USM) vs Izza Hasrina (UPSI)

Board 3 - Siti Nor Raihan (IIUM) vs Putri Nurfariza (UiTM)

Board 4 - Nurwahida Atika (IIUM) vs Lee Yin (USM)

The Men's Section

The top seed Ahmad Fadzil of UIA was challenged by UTP player, Ramone Mikgail Kok. GiLoCatur started to know about Ramone last year during the 3rd Penang Heritage Open. He drew with GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis, in the fourth round. From then on, GiLoCatur noticed that Ramone has been improving a lot. But he could not tame Fadzil who is one of the Malaysian players participated in the 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen.  

At Board No 2, UM player Syazwan drew with his UNITEN opponent, Taione Sikivo who is rated 300 below. Sikivo is not unknown in the local chess scene since he has participated in the local chess tournaments quite often. Syazwan vs Sikivo match was among the last matches to finish. It had not yet finished when GiLoCatur left the venue. Based on their board position like below, GiLoCatur was confident that they would draw.

Top Board - Ramone of UTP vs Fadzil of UIA

The last matches to finish

Round 4 - Syazwan (white) vs Sikivo (black)

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