Friday, November 2, 2012

Lesson Learnt - More Pieces Do Not Ensure Victory

In chess war, having more soldiers (i.e. pieces) than your opponent does not ensure your winning. You may lose to better tactics and strategy. Chess also teaches you to be patient in your moves. It is important to check your King's safety and defend first before you make aggressive (offensive or attacking)  move. Below game between two players in the recent CAS Allegro that GiLoCatur noticed is a good example.

A game in the recent CAS Allegro
To the knowledge of GiLoCatur, black player in the above game is not a novice or beginner. But losing the above game shows that he/she was impatient and overlooked his/her playing-white opponent. No doubt, black has a clear winning advantage for having more pawns (even having one pass pawn) and one extra piece which is a Knight. But black player allowed white player to have the black King to be on f7 square while white rook has control over h file. White's King should be moved onto either g8 or g6 square and then maneuvered his/her attack. Miscalculation! GiLoCatur believes that is the reason for black player to lose this game. 

That is the beauty of chess. Having less pieces but with better tempo and strategic piece position, you can be the winner.

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