Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5th APSSO Update


Will Malaysia excel in the 5th APSSO held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 8th until 15th October?

Will Malaysia emerge as the overall champion again like last year?

Will Chess become the main gold medal provider for Malaysia again?

We will know the answer for the above questions after the mini Olympiad is over, won't we?

Let's look at chess which is one of the five sports in the event. First, let's see who are the players in the Malaysian chess team? The team which consists of there boys and one girl is anchored by the Malaysian top Under 12 chess player, Yeoh Li Tian.

The other team members are Sirajuddin Munawwir Ahmad Fuad, Noor Azam Mohd Nor, and Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar. Sirajuddin is from Kedah while both Noor Azam and Puteri Rifqah are from Selangor.

The standard chess category had just completed yesterday. As far as GiLoCatur acknowledge, there are six categories in the event - Individual Standard and Individual Rapid each for boys and girls (4) as well as Team for both Standard and Rapid ONLY for boys (2).

Final Ranking of  Girls Individual Standard 
Puteri Rifqah managed to score 4.5/6 points from three wins and three draws. Unfortunately, she is placed second when her first round opponent, Shanti Nur Abidah of Indonesia, came back strong to win five next consecutive rounds. Shanti edged Puteri Rifqah just by half point. Syabas and tahniah to Puteri Rifqah for bagging the silver medal in this category.

Final Ranking of Boys Individual Standard 
Li Tian has secured a gold medal in the boys category after scoring 5.5 points from the total six rounds. Congrats and bravo to him. He drew with the first runner up, Novendra Priasmoro of Indonesia, in the fifth round. Meanwhile Noor Azam and Sirajuddin are placed 5th and 10th respectively. The former had two wins, three draws and one defeat to team mate Li Tian. While the latter won three and losing three.

As a team, Malaysia surely wins a medal in this standard category. GiLoCatur believes the Malaysian team at least wins the silver medal. GiLoCatur is not sure whether it can win the gold medal with 12 total victory points. Because GiLoCatur does not know the three Indonesian team compositions. Indonesia has one player with 5 points, one player with 4 points and four players with 3.5 points.

The first team event scoring method is the total victory points of the three players. The best combination (victory points) for Indonesia is 12.5 points (5 + 4 + 3.5). Next is 12 points which mean both countries - Malaysia and Indonesia, have tie points. The second tie break for the team event is based on the total ranking of the three players.

[ It is a confirmed news that the Malaysian chess team has won the gold medal in the Team Standard event. So, it is 2 Golds and 1 Silver so far. Updated at 12.00pm ]


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