Monday, September 19, 2011

SEPTEMBER 2011, The Eidulfitri Month

The month of September for GiLoCatur is the Eidulfitri month.

The first weekend, GiLoCatur and family went to Sijangkang, Labuan Dagang and Jenjarom for Hari Raya visit. Then, by the second weekend GiLoCatur was already tired for having a daily routine of sending and fetching GiLoCatur's second child, Anis Fariha, for five days since she was one of the participants in the DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah International Chess Open. Still long way to go for her in chess. Hopefully, she learns a lot from the tournament and gains more knowledge and experience.

The third weekend was just over. GiLoCatur started to get flu and cough during the long (three-day weekend. Raya Open houses were held a lot. GiLoCatur and family also attended several of them including a Raya Gathering cum Reunion of GiLoCatur's old secondary school mates in Bangi. No chess activity that GiLoCatur and the kids participate. At the DATCC, there were two events held. One is the 1st Kelantan FIDE-rated round robin tournament. The other one is the training session for the Malaysian SEA Games chess team. At the international scene, the Malaysian chess fraternity joins chess enthusiasts from all over the world to follow the FIDE World Chess Cup. 

How about next weekend?   

Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will be at the DATCC. Insofar Chess Academy will organize four chess events on Sunday, 25th September. Two of them are final tournaments - ELITE Open and PRESTIGE Junior. The format for both tourneys are six SWISS rounds of G/25 (i.e. Rapid 25 minutes). The other event is called the SUPER KIDS Junior Weekend specially organized for Under 12 years old chess players. Since the UPSR exam is over, the event is specially tailored for primary school pupils. Check out and download the details from this link.  

Below are some details on the Insofar Chess Events held on this coming weekend.

Insofar Chess Events

1) 2nd ELITE Open Final

When ? Sunday 25th September, 9.00am - 6.00pm

Format : 6 G/25 (Rapid 25 minutes) rounds

Fee : 10 Malaysian Ringgit

Participants : a) Those attended the Semi Final stage    b) Those absent during the 1st edition ELITE Open Final

The total money prizes - RM 6,000

2) PRESTIGE Junior Tournament Final

When ? Sunday 25th September, 10.00am - 6.00pm

Format : 6 G/25 (Rapid 25 minutes) rounds

Fee : 10 Malaysian Ringgit

Participants : All the 20 players qualified from the semi final stage

The total money prizes - RM 3,000

3) The 1st OPEN Scholarship Tournament 

4) The 6th Junior Scholarship Tournament

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