Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The KL Open - GiLoCatur Looks at R4 Results (Top 20 Boards)

The results of top 20 boards of Round 4

Based on the above top 20 boards R4 results, there are few upsets based on ratings. The big one in GiLoCatur's eyes is the defeat of the top seed, GM Sanchez. Playing white at the seventh board, FM Kyi Thein of Myanmar who played against Anis in the first round, was surely a proud and happy man after securing a win over the top seed. Two other wins over higher-rated opponents by lower-rated players were recorded by Indonesian chess WFMs - Medina Warda Aulia and Dewi aa Citra. The former defeated a WIM from Uzbekistan, Muminova Nafisa who drew with GM Sanchez in the second round. While the latter beat an FM from Brunei.

There were five draws among the top 20 boards in the fourth round played yesterday afternoon. Mr Lim Kian Hwa continues his fine run when he drew with Vietnamese WGM at table 13. Besides him, three other Malaysian players - Nabila, Li Ting and William Kah Howe, were playing on top 20 boards. All the three of them unfortunately could not yet win over their respective higher-rated opponents. 

GiLoCatur wishes BEST OF LUCK to all the Malaysian players especially to GiLoCatur's only daughter, Anis Fariha, in the next rounds. Keep playing hard and stay focus in the tournament. Gain as much as possible the experience and exposure in the world-class tournament.

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