Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st Kelantan FIDE Rated Chess Tourney

For visitors who are unfamiliar with KELANTAN, let GiLoCatur explains what it is. Kelantan is one of the Malaysian 14 states. It is located in the north-east Peninsular Malaysia. It is famous for Dikir Barat and Budu, among other things The former is a musical form, native to the Malay Peninsula, that involves singing in groups—often in a competitive setting with instrumental accompaniment  while the latter is a salted (fermented) anchovy sauce eaten mainly as flavouring with rice, grilled fish and vegetables/salads (ulam). 

Kelantan is getting active and active in organizing chess tournaments. The current Malaysian top chess player based on the FIDE ratings is from Kelantan. The latest one and still on going is the 1st Kelantan FIDE Rated tournament. Twelve Kelantanese chess players play each other in a round robin format. GO CHECK OUT ITS BLOG TO FOLLOW THE EVENT. But unfortunately it is mostly written in the state's dialect. Don't worry! Go this blog to check the updates on the event in English.

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