Monday, December 20, 2010

Fide-rated Events - 3rd NJCC and Sarawak Chess Open

There were two FIDE-rated chess tourneys concurrently being held in Malaysia that just concluded yesterday. One was held in Kuala Lumpur specifically for the Malaysian Under 20 juniors while another one was held in Sibu Kuching. The former is known as The National Junior Chess Championship or NJCC in short while the later is the Sarawak Open Chess Championship.

So, how's the results or final rankings for the tournaments?

While GiLoCatur left the venue for the NJCC, playoff was underway to determine the champion since five players have same 7/9 points. For the chess tournament, tie breaks is not used to determine the champion if top final rankings have same points. In the final 9th round, Mark Siew could not earn the minimum 1/2 point when facing Syakir in the top table battle. Instead, Syakir who was trailing Mark by a point managed to equal the 7/9 score not only with Mark, the leader after Round 8, but also with three others - Sumant, Zhou Ren and Jian Wen. Nabil or Li Tian could not join the fray for the playoff when both just drew against each other and scored 6.5/9 points.

In the girls section, WFM Alia and WCM Nabila had to play the playoff when the two had 8/9 points. Eventhough, the former had better tie break, both of them had to play the playoff to the determine the new Malaysian NJWM, National Junior Woman Master.

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GiLoCatur does not have the official result for the Sarawak Chess Open. But based on here, Jasur Madjidov from Uzbekistan, won the first place after scoring 6.5/8 points and better tie breaks than two other players - Foo Chee Kin and Morsin Ahmad, who have the same score. More than 50 players participated in the three-day event that started on Friday.

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