Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 3rd National Junior Chess Championship

The Penang Heritage Chess Championship just ended last Sunday. Now, the focus of chess in Malaysia will be the 3rd National Junior Chess Championship. It will be held at a hotel near the Merdeka Stadium known as Hotel Olympic tomorrow. The championship has two categories - one for the Under-20 boys and one for the Under-20 girls. The champion for the boys will be awarded the title of NJM or National Junior Master and NJWM or National Junior Woman Master for the girls.

Do you know who is last year's NJM and NJWM? If you don't know, click here to find the answer.

The list of participants has been published here. Based on the list, the number of participants for the boys is 71 and for the girls is 32. GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri, and daughter, Anis, will take part too. They have not participated in any chess tournament for two months since GiLoCatur and wife went to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. The last chess tournament they participated is the National Rapid Chess at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

So, who do you pick to win the NJM and NJWM titles?

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