Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 3rd NJCC - Photo Report

GiLoCatur was at the venue of the 3rd National Junior Chess Championship that is scheduled from 15th until 19th this month. It is the first tournament that GiLoCatur attended since being absent from the local chess scene due to the Hajj pilgrimage. As usual, GiLoCatur took pictures to share with this blog's visitors.

The venue of the tournament - 2nd floor, Olympic Hotel, KL

Motivation talk by Encik Azhar to Kelantanese participants

Busy verifying and confirming the participants / players list.

Familiar face eh! Is "Ustaz" back to KL? You all better listen carefully. boys and girls ...

Before the first round starts

the boys (U20) category

the girls (U20) category

More pictures can be viewed here and here.

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