Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Family Day at Hulu Yam

On Sunday 28th December, five chess families went to Hulu Yam for a family day. One of the objectives is to give the kids a break from chess tournaments. Moreover, it is a school holiday. It is also to give the kids the opportunity to have fun together since they have to battle each other during chess tournaments. Below pictures show how happy and joyful were the kids as well as their parents.

Super MOMs at work. These very dedicated, hardworking  and  supportive mothers to their chess players children must be appreaciated and thankful. Hopefully, their children will achieve more honors and success in chess as well as their academic. "Terima kasih", moms!

The big boys also capable to setup a tent besides setup chess pieces.

The DADs were showing new skill to their boys.

Who say that DADs can not cook. 

GiLoCatur is enjoying his food in the nature. Wow! Lots of delicious dishes to eat.

Come in queue boys and girls. The "poison box" is planned for y'all.

Chess parents were watching their children's antics.

Future Malaysian Woman Grandmaster (WGM) was doing a robot walk while others cheering.

Future Malaysian GM showed his antic while still being wet coming out of the river.

The children were laughing with joy forgetting their chess activities for a while.

The family day was fun and thrilling. Hopefully, similar event can be organized and held in the future where more chess families can join and participate. Maybe this time can stay overnight. Till next time. Kudos to everyone who make the event possible.

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