Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bloggers United!

Standing from left : Stonemaster, G!LaChess, and GiLoCatur. Hairulov sitting in front.

It is a unique photo session of few Malaysian bloggers at the National Juniors Chess Championship today. GiLoCatur and G!laChess are basically at the tournament scene most of the time. Today, two other active local chess bloggers i.e. Hairulov and Stonemaster came to the tournament venue. It is quite unfortunate when today Marcus Yeoh, one of the arbiters, is not around due to class comittment. 

For me, it is really an honor to be in a photo with active and dedicated chess bloggers. They are like  my mentors. Furthermore, they are also strong chess players. Their tireless efforts hopefully help promoting and enhancing chess in Malaysia. Keep up your blogs, fellas! 

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