Monday, January 30, 2017

SKPP 16(2) Chess Tourney

There are more and more local chess tournaments nowadays for the Malayasian chess fraternity. The money prizes also become more lucrative. As an example, the money prize for Under 12 and Under 18 categories is now more than three hundreds. Few years back, it was merely one hundred only. 

One of the local chess tournaments to be held in April has lucrative money prizes in GiLoCatur's opinion. The tournament is SKPP 16(2) Chess Championship. It is a 25-minute-per player Rapid with 8 SWISS rounds. It will be held on 2nd April 2017. The venue is at Universiti Nilai Hall in Negeri Sembilan.

the tournament's partial flyer

The chess tournament is jointly organized by Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 16(2) and Classical Chess. GiLoCatur believes this tournament will attract the Malaysian chess players because it is only for the Malaysians. 

For GiLoCatur, the fact that the tournament is held in April, the month in which GiLoCatur was born nearly 49 years ago, it will be in GiLoCatur's calendar. For those who want to beat GiLoCatur on the chess board, please register for the tournament online at

For more info and detail like the money prizes structure, go to

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