Friday, December 16, 2016

UM-KPT 2016 Chess Championship

Today, Friday 16/12/2016, the 2nd Edition of UM-IPT or UM-KPT Chess Championship began its first three rounds. Unlike the first Edition where there were seven rounds, this year Edition there are nine rounds. 

UM-KPT Chess Championship 2016

Fikri is taking part for the second time in this tournament. Last year the tournament was held from 13th until 15th November where Fikri was celebrating his 19th birthday on the first day of the tournament. Meanwhile, this year the tournament is held in mid December from 16th until 18th.

Follow the results of this chess tournament at

If you want to know the results for the first edition, go to

GiLoCatur has yet been at the tournament venue. Therefore, no pictures to share in this blog for the moment. GiLoCatur would like to share several pictures during last year edition. All the pictures are from MUICC UiTM facebook

Photo 1 - wan azmie (left) vs ali chor (right)

Photo 2 - Fikri and Nur Nabila (Top Seed this year)

Photo 3

Photo 4

Last year Chan Sheng Yip emerged Top scoring 6.5/7 points. In this year edition, he is not taking part. Who will emerge Top in the second edition this year? Let's wait and see. 

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