Monday, December 5, 2016

8th Penang International Chess Open 2016 Has Just Begun

The first round of the 8th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2016 has just begun minutes ago. There are two categories - The Open and The Challenger for chess players with below 2000 Elo ratings. All the participants will play nine SWISS 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment format rounds. 

GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim, is taking part in the tournament in the Challenger category with his other five school mates. Fahim is ranked 23rd out of 231 total participants in the Challenger  category with Elo ratings of 1633. In the first round, he plays white on Board 23 against Muhd Zarif Aiman (the son of KedaiCatur's Muhammad Arshad GiLoCatur believes).

Masrin (left) and Fahim (right)
photo from Mohd Khairil Iqwan fb

Challenger - Round 1 pairings
Full pairings here

Meanwhile, one of GiLoCatur's chess buddies, Masrin, also takes part in the international chess tournament. In the first round, playing in the Open category he has an uphill battle against the sixth-ranked player with 2432 Elo ratings, GM Vahidov Tahir. For info, there are 112 participants in this category. 

The Open category Round 1 pairings 

To follow the results and pairing for the tournament, please go to following URLs.

The Open category, the URL is

The Challenger category, the URL is

There are three live broadcasts of the Top 3 boards of the tournament which can be followed.
The URL is

Round 1 Live Broadcast

ALL THE BEST to both Fahim and Masrin as well as to all the participants in the tournament.

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