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PeBT Shah Alam Chess Open

Saturday, 10.10.2015

Today is the second Saturday in the month of October this year. The date is 10.10.2015. What is so special about today? Today is the National Sports Day or Hari Sukan Negara in Malay. Next year, the National Sports Day will be on 8.10.2015.

The National Sports Day - from Google

The tournament's banner

Many sport activities have been held and organized today all around the country. Among them is a chess tournament known as Chess PeBT For All Tournament. It was held in Section 18, Shah Alam. Even though all the three of GiLoCatur's children were not at home, GiLoCatur planned to take part. But since feeling not very fit GiLoCatur cancelled the plan. 

So, how is the results of the tournament? Like in most of local chess tournaments, there are three categories in the tournament - Open, Under 19 and Under 12.

Below are the Top 10 Final Ranking and several photos of the tournament.

The Open category Champion - Nik Farouqi of Shah Alam 
 Nik Ahmad Farouqi had emerged as the champion after accumulating 6/7 points from 5 wins and 2 draws. He drew in the final two rounds against Kamaluddin Yusof and Chan Kim Yew.

The 6th Round - Kamaluddin (left) versus Nik Farouqi

Final 7th Round - Nik Farouqi (left) versus Chan Kim Yew
Kamaluddin or fondly known as Abang Bro among the Malaysian chess circle was placed 9th with 4.5/7 points while Kim Yew was placed 4th with 5.5/7 points. The first Runner Up went to Syazwan Zulkifli. Both Kamaluddin and Syazwan opted not to take part in the UPSI chess open which is also being held today and tomorrow. 

For information, both Kamaluddin and Syazwan are the Top 3 winners on the UPSI chess open. The former was the 1st Runner Up in the second edition in 2008 and the 2nd Runner Up last year while the later was the 2nd Runner Up in 5th edition in 2011. 

Nik Farouqi's results

The Top 10 Final Ranking -

Syabas and Tahniah to all the winners in the Chess PeBT For All tournament. 

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