Saturday, October 24, 2015

MUICC's Thunder Blitz Open Chess Tournament

GiLoCatur could not resist to take part in the MUICC's Thunder Blitz Open Chess Tournament held on last Thursday night at Shah Alam UiTM. Eventhough all the three GiLoCatur's children are not at home, GiLoCatur went to UiTM Shah Alam accompanied by wife to participate in the blitz tournament.

(note : MUICC is the Malaysian UiTM Chess Club. Click here to follow this club.)

Seventy four (74) participants took part. GiLoCatur was seeded 20th. The tournament was held at the UiTM Sports Center.

All the participants had to play nine (9) rounds of 5-minute-per-player. So, how many wins that GiLoCatur had? 

GiLoCatur managed to win 5 games and lost the other 4. But GiLoCatur enjoyed playing in the tournament especially playing against young opponents who are mostly UiTM students. 

GiLoCatur in action

All the winners

Top boards

Blitz game is entertaining ...
Bravo and kudos to the Malaysian UiTM Chess Club (MUICC) for organizing the chess tournament. 

GiLoCatur is very glad and happy that more and more chess tournaments are held in the Malaysian universities. Hopefully, this trend will continue and more and more University students are active in chess and participate in chess tournaments.

photo credit : MUICC facebook

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