Monday, May 4, 2015

Selangor Open - GiLoCatur Boys

The two GiLoCatur's boys - Fikri and Fahim, are taking part in the 42nd edition of the Selangor Chess Open. Fikri has played in three previous editions - 2008, 2009 amd 2010 and this year edition is his fourth. While his younger brother, Fahim, plays for the first time in the Selangor Open. 

So how their performance thus far?

Rank after Round 7 - GiLoCatur's boys (here full list)
With starting rank at 38th, Fikri has accumulated 4/7 points. He is ranked 30th at the moment. Fahim has collected half point less than his elder brother. He is among 3.5/7 pointers. Entering 8th round, Fahim is at 38th place, the third highest 3.5 pointers.


Fikri's results (here)
Fikri started his Selangor Open campaign on winning note defeated 1200-rated opponent playing black. Then he could not overcome the latest Malaysian chess prodigy, Lye Lik Zang in the second round. Fikri came back with a win on his third round against lower rated opponent. His fourth round opponent was his former MSSKL team mate, Shreyes. He managed to draw. In the fifth round, he won against this year MSSS Under 15 Boys champion, playing white. Fikri's 6th round opponent is his highest rated opponents thus far. He managed to draw with former Malaysian National Master. In the afternoon game yesterday, he could continue his winning against 2000 plus rated players. His opponent has recently gotten the Fide Master title.

Currently in the 8th round, Fikri is facing Mohd Ezmi who is famous with Grob Attack. Both Fikri and Ezmi are 1700-rated players.


Fahims'results (here)

 Like his elder brother, Fahim also started his campaign in the Selangor Open with a winning note against 1100-rated player. In the following round, he managed to draw with more than 300 ratings higher opponent. He continued to play well when managed to win against one of Malaysian WFMs who is also rated in the 1800 range. Unfortunately, the next two rounds Fahim could not continue his excellent performance. The two opponents who stop Fahim are the in-form Nor Ilhamuddin and Iranian Nader Haji Ghanbari (hopefully the name is right). Fahim got another point in the sixth round. 

Another 1800-rated opponent is too much to handle for Fahim in the seventh round. In the eight round, Fahim plays against 1400-rated player. 

GiLoCatur's boys - Fahim and Fikri

Hopefully, GiLoCatur's boys can manage to get good win for today's games. All the best to both Fikri and Fahim.

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