Saturday, May 23, 2015

GiLoCatur Family & MSSM Chess Championship - Part 1

MSSM Chess Championship. What it is all about?

MSSM is a Bahasa Melayu acronym form Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia. In English, it is Malaysian Schools Sports Council. There are 26 sports that includes Chess in the MSSM calendar. MSSM Chess Championship is a scholastic chess competition. 

MSSM Chess Championship is the final stage where representatives from all Malaysian states will compete for the honor of becoming the champions or being winners at the national level.

While GiLoCatur were at schools - SKST (primary), SMKU MH (junior high school) and KIK (senior high school), GiLoCatur did not have the chance to represent Selangor in any sports. GiLoCatur even never passed the district level. 

When Fikri picked up chess (after football ofcourse) in mid 2007, GiLoCatur began to realize that GiLoCatur needs to do something to provide the opportunity for GiLoCatur's children to represent Selangor in the MSSM championship. 

Fikri began his Road to MSSM in 2008. He managed to be among the Top 4 winners in the Petaling Perdana MSSD in chess competition in L12 (Boys Under 12)  category. At the MSS Selangor chess championship, Fikri managed to be among the Top 6 winners. Unfortunately, he was not in the MSS Selangor chess contingent in the 2008 MSSM chess championship after a slip up in the selection play-offs.

MSSM chess 

The MSSM chess championship 2015 edition is around the corner. It will be held in the second week of the mid term school holidays between 7th to 13th June. Pulau Pinang will be hosting the event.

Are the chess athletes who will represent their respective state ready for the championship?

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