Friday, February 27, 2015

Syabas & Congratulation To Ng6 and His Son, Syukur

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate one of GiLoCatur's chess buddies, Razali Hamzah also known as Ng6. 

Today, his son, 12-year-old Muhammad Syukur, and his school chess team emerged as the First Runner Up in the MSSD Petaling Utama (PU) team scholastic chess competition in Under 12 Boys (L12) category. 

GiLoCatur was told that this year the individual and team event are held separately unlike in the previous years where for team event the points are accumulated from individual points. GiLoCatur hopes MSSD PU keeps this next year and in future years. It will be good for the Malaysian chess.

Even though the MSSM Chess event will be held in June this year, some districts and zones have started and completed their respective district-level scholastic chess competitions early. 

Below are several photos that GiLoCatur downloaded from Ng6's facebook.

A primary school boys team

A primary school boys team

Primary schools girls team

Secondary schools boys team

Razali Ng6 (in the middle) with his son's SKSS7 chess team
Syukur, Ng6's son, is wearing the yellow shirt

SKSS7 Boy chess team - the First Runner Up in Under 12 Boys (L12) Team Event
with their teacher (most left)

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