Sunday, February 8, 2015

"How To Get A FIDE Rating"?

GiLoCatur was asked How To Get A FIDE Rating several days ago by a local college chess player. GiLoCatur believes there are still many chess players as well as parents especially among the Malaysian chess fraternity do not know how to get a FIDE rating. 

First, what is a FIDE rating?
FIDE rating is a rating given to a chess player by FIDE, the World Chess Organization. 

How to get the rating?
First, you have to take part in a FIDE-rated chess tournament. In other words, you have to play in a chess tournament recognized (ie registered with) by FIDE like the recently concluded 19th GACC.

Is it sure that I will get a FIDE rating after taking part in a FIDE-rated chess tournament? 
Not yet buddy. You have to play against opponents who have ELO ratings. Playing against unrated opponent will not count. 

Is there any minimum number of FIDE-rated opponents that I have to play?
YES. You need to play against NINE (9) rated players. 

Hopefully, the above explanation will answer the above question.

If you want to find out further about FIDE rating or some call it Elo rating, please read this article.

Or you can read and try to understand about it from FIDE itself at this link.

If you still cannot understand after reading it from the official FIDE handbook, the explanation by is quite simple and easy.

Hey GiLoCatur, do you have an Elo/FIDE rating?
GiLoCatur has yet to have one. But GiLoCatur already has the FIDE ID. GiLoCatur gets the ID after taking part in the 35th Royal Selangor Internation Chess Open in 2008.

GiLoCatur's FIDE Chess Profile
Let's get the FIDE (Elo) rating!


Peter Long said...

My point exactly that MCF should forget national ratings and instead go to using FIDE ratings as that means something to all - also benchmark ranking with rest of the world - and with FIDE now starting at 1000 everyone can get.

PCNK said...

participate in Kelantan Open 20 - 21 February 2015... :)

Anonymous said...

good article!