Sunday, January 18, 2015

Al-Fatihah To Allahyarham AM Ahmad Fadzil Nayan

At 9.08 PM today (exactly an hour ago), the Malaysian chess community lost one of its member. The chess player is Ahmad Fadzil Nayan. 

news about Fadzil's demise in fb

Below are the pictures of Allahyarham Fadzil in the Malaysian chess scene. 

8.8.2010 - Cerdik Catur Chess Challenge

25.9.2011 - Insofar 2nd Elite Open Final

26.2.2012 - Feb 2012 Insofar Combined Tournament

3.9.2012 - MMU International Chess Open

Nov 2012 - SUKIPT

25.3.2012 - Mar 2012 Insofar Combined Tournament

GiLoCatur's deepest condolence to Allahyarham Fadzil's family. Al-Fatihah.

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