Saturday, January 31, 2015

19th GACC - The Crucial Final Round

Less than 8 hours from now, the crucial final round of the 19th Grand Asian Chess Challenge will begin. At first, GiLoCatur thought that the champion will be the top seed, Latvian International Master, Vitalijs Samolins.  

Top 20 Rank after Round 8
Round 9 Pairings, Top 20 Boards

GiLoCatur was wrong. The championship is still open. But ofcourse, IM Vitalijs has the advantage for leading with one point. The third seed, FM Bastien Dubessay, can spoil the former's dream. If FM Bastien wins as well as MG Gahan, three players will have the same 7.5/9 points. But GiLoCatur believes FM Bastien will be declared the champion due to "Direct Encounter" Tie Break. IM Vitalijs just need a draw to emerge as the individual champion. 

Only six (6) Malaysian players in the Top 20 Ranking after Round 8. Chan Sheng Yip, former MSSS player, of Sunway Iniversity is at the 6th place with 6/8 points.

Let's wait until the final round is over to know who the winners will be.

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