Sunday, October 12, 2014

Al-Fatihah to Wan Ali Wan Manan

The Malaysian chess community has lost one of its member yesterday (Saturday, 11th October 2014) after the demise of Wan Ali Wan Manan who was based in Pahang. As GiLoCatur recalls, GiLoCatur started to know about the late Wan Ali since the Temerloh Chess Open (not sure if first edition in 2008 but surely second edition in 2009). 

Being humble and simple, Wan Ali had shared his chess knowledge and skills with many Malaysian young chess players especially during local chess tournaments. Thanks to NWM Khairunnisa of Kuantan Setia Chess, GiLoCatur just got to know that Wan Ali is a university graduate.

Info of the demise by NWM in facebook

the late Wan Ali against a Filipino player, Jelvis
(photo credit to Catur Melaka)

photo credit to NWM Khairunnisa

“May ALAH bless his soul… forgive him of his sins… make his grave a garden and grant him the highest levels of paradise….. Ameen“

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Anonymous said...

Seorang pemain yang dianggap sumber inspirasi catur negeri di Pahang,
Pemain yang seangkatan dengan Shukur Mustapa dan Rosli Mohd Nor kira-kira 25 tahun dahulu.