Saturday, October 11, 2014

17CC Friday Night Chess Fever

Friday, 10th October 2014

GiLoCatur planned to join a mini tournament held in a chess center located in Klang and organized jointly by the chess center owner and 17 Chess Club. But since GiLoCatur has to wake up early on Saturday morning to drive to Malacca for an important program, the plan has to be cancelled. 

GiLoCatur wants to share some uniqueness of the mini chess tourney.

Not many chess tournaments in Malaysia being held at night. 17 Chess Club regularly organize its mini chess tournaments as well as sparring sessions at night.

Food and drinks like the famous nasi lemak are common with the players take part in the sparring sessions and mini chess tournaments organized by 17 Chess Club. The obvious reason is the venue is a bistro cafe or a restaurant. 

17 Chess Club sparring sessions and mini chess tourneys are commonly being held at Friday nights.

warm up session before the tournament starts

Stuck in the traffic jam is not an obstacle for 17cc chess players

A hamper sponsored by SM Fadli

Nasi Lemak for 17cc players sponsored by Ng6 

GiLoCatur hopes 17 Chess Club will stay active in organizing sparring sessions and mini tournaments for the better of Malaysian chess.

BRAVO 17 Chess Club!

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